This is your place to buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater.  Of course, you may not be sure exactly what you are looking for, so this page is designed to help you refine your choices and make a more informed buying decision.  This is especially important if you've never purchased one of these sweaters, because there are more options and variables to consider than you may be aware of. Why are you buying an Ugly Xmas Sweater? So why are you buying the sweater?  Since there are many different types of these, it’s important to take into account the purpose of the sweater.  What’s completely popular in one instance might not go over so well in another.  Does grandma want to see you sporting a sweater with humping reindeer? On the other hand, will your young nephew who never knew the joys of 8-bit gaming really appreciate the overly-pixelated Santa Claus head?  So take into account what the sweater is for, and how/why it will be worn. Buying for an Ugly sweater contest or party These parties/contests are a blast, so consider yourself lucky if you've been invited to one!  The party invite should lay out any specific themes (if there are any).  If there is a contest, find out if there is a theme involved.  If it’s a naughty or other shock value-based party or contest then any number of these irreverent sweaters should do.  If you are in the midst of sportsmen, then rest assured the Rudolph-on-a-mantle sweater will be a hit (maybe not so much if it’s a PETA gathering).  If it’s going to be an outdoor event in the cold, then consider getting a thicker sweater (or at least consider wearing an extra layer underneath). Buying as a gift if this is a gift, consider the audience.  Someone who really appreciated TV/movies during the 80’s/90’s is almost sure to love Filthy Animal Sweater or any Vintage sweater that reminds them of Bill Cosby.  On the other hand, that black sheep in your family might prefer the "balls" or humping reindeer. Form yourself and just for the heck of it This is the easiest of all, because nobody knows you better than you, right!? Depending on your mood you can go with any number of options.  Tacky sweaters are often popular, mainly because "tacky" is the general point of these sweaters to begin with.  If you're simply dressing for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day then maybe make sure the sweater is very xmas oriented (think Stars and Santa).  Here is a grouping of some of the funny, yet ugly Christmas sweaters we carry.  Enjoy! Light Up Sweaters Tacky Sweaters |  Reindeer Sweaters |  Santa Sweaters Snowflake Sweaters | Irreverent Sweaters Snowman Sweaters  | Cheap Sweaters
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