Ways to Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

As we quickly approach the day when snarky people will be justified in implying it not outright saying that those who've never heard of Ugly Christmas sweaters have been living in a cave all of their lives, we’re not quite there yet.  There are plenty of holdouts as I write this, and they include far more than just caves!    So this hypothetical snarky individual should keep his or her mouth shut for at least another year or two.  Nevertheless, these embarrassingly cool sweaters have become so popular that they've inspired countless parties during the holiday season.  So what are some ways YOU can rock your ugly sweater?

Ugly Sweater Parties

This is the most obvious.  These (generally) adult parties are largely what gave these sweaters their rise to unfashionable prominence.  These events often have an ugliest sweater contest, and these are your place to shine.  If it’s an all adult party, you have a wider range of options that you might not otherwise have (naughty sweaters like this for example).

Basically any Christmas Event

Since its Christmas time anyway, these sweaters can be worn at just about any of these events.  However, you may not want to wear this humping reindeer sweater at grandma’s dinner party, nor this “Balls” sweater when dining at your girlfriend’s parent’s house. Know your venue in advance.

Ugly Sweater Runs

These are becoming more and more popular—especially in areas where it’s not entirely freezing over during the winter.  Still, you probably don’t want to wear the warmest sweater possible (unless of course, you WANT to shed a few pounds of water weight—if you do so..

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

December 20th has pretty much been designated as Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  So what happens on this day?  I’m not really sure, but it’s an excuse to wear one of these atrocious sweaters.  This year, 12/20 falls on a Friday so it may be a day of countless inebriated sweater parties.  But it can also serve as an excuse to rock your ugly Christmas anywhere, including but not limited to; school (assuming you’re not on vacation of course!), work, the store, court, happy hour, etc.

Shock Humor: Rock out with your Shock Out

Let’s face it, shock humor is hilarious.  The humping reindeer, the snowman with the strategically placed second carrot, Rudolph‘s head on a mantle, and several other sweaters out there all come with the promise of inciting everything from a barrel of laughs and interesting conversations, to numerous scoffs and being 86’ed from Church. So when you rock your ugly Christmas sweater, be prepared for the best! So there ya have it.  Now go forth and have a Merry Christmas, ya Filthy animals!
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