Snowman Christmas Sweaters

I think we can agree that Frosty the Snowman was about the coolest Christmas-themed story we heard as kids.  And without a snowman, it’s just not a real Christmas!  These snowman sweaters make it possible to take a snowman wherever you go.  And we promise that this one won’t melt.  Though you may want to take it off if it get too hot.

Snowman Christmas Sweater
This Snowman is a real stickler!  The well-placed carrots ensure some interesting conversations, along with the increased chances of winning an ugly Christmas sweater contest!  But win, lose or draw, this snowman does not appear to be very cold!

Snowmen and Snowflakes Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt is guaranteed to be a hit no matter where you are!  The extremely green overall color, combined with the highly pixelated Santa Clauses, snowflakes and candy canes ensure some interesting conversations!