Are you looking for something creative to do this holiday?  This is a great activity to do with your kids or by yourself.  For those who have Christmas parties for kids, this is a great group activity too.  For a group you might want to get a large roll of paper and spread it out on the floor for the kids to all work on together. The first step in drawing a Christmas tree is to draw a triangle using a pencil.  This triangle will be the guideline that you use for your tree.  Now pencil in a star right at the top of the triangle.  While this step is generally last in real life, for the purposes of this lesson it will be first.  Make sure when you are drawing that you leave room under the tree for the stand. Don’t try to be a perfectionist.  When you try to fix mistakes or wobbles it ends up just drawing attention to them. Now it is time to draw the top part of the tree.  Make three pointy branches and remember not to try to get it perfect.  At this point, overlapping the triangle is not a big deal. Now you need to add a row of branches that will be halfway between the bottom of the triangle and the top.  Make four points; one point will be on either side of the triangle while the other two will be inside the triangle.  Once you have done that, add the bottom row and make five points this time.  Keep all of your lines relaxed and remember this is supposed to be fun not a stressful, perfectionist activity. Just under the tree, you will draw a box and then connect it to the tree with two distinct lines.  Add two more lines across the box shape – tree pot – to form a ribbon and then draw a bow in the center of the ribbon. Now you can erase the guidelines of the triangle. This type of drawing is great for use as a homemade Christmas card.  Make the drawing on a heavy piece of watercolor paper and then fold it in half with the drawing on the outside.  Write your message on the inside.  You can fill in the picture with crayons, watercolor, marker or anything else.  Trace over the outside lines of the tree with a Sharpie. Once you have done all of this you can decorate the tree.  Use glitter, stickers, draw on the lights an ornaments and just have fun.  This is a great activity for kids to do during the holidays. You might even want to try this on the computer with one of the drawing programs that are available.
Christmas treeXmas tree