Believe it or not there is a secret to decorating a Christmas tree beautifully.  It is really simple too.  The secret is simply to do it in layers. Surely we all enjoy seeing all of the beautiful Christmas trees in the window of every house we see during the holidays.  Decorating the tree is a great family tradition that is looked forward to each year. Decorating the tree wasn’t a popular thing to do in America until the late 1800’s and back then, decorations were things like popcorn garland and handmade ornaments.  Now though you can find all sorts of ornaments from vinyl records to souvenir ornaments and even more.  Out of all of the available ornaments though, probably the most popular ones are the lights. The lights are in fact, step one of decorating a beautiful tree. Tree lights come in a variety of styles but most of them will have either white or green wire strands.  It is recommended that you get the color wire strands that match your tree which will enable you to hide the wires more efficiently. When you start with the wires, begin at the base of the tree and then work your way around and up to the top and then back again.  Make sure that you wrap lights around each of the branches.  Be sure not to skimp on the lights.  For each foot of height the tree has, you need at least 100 lights for it to bit lit properly. Steps 2 and 3 can be reversed if you like but for the purposes of this article we will say that step 2 is garland. The only real thing to remember about garland is that you don’t want to wrap it too tightly around the tree.  You should start all the way at the top of the tree and then work your way down and around, increasing the amount of garland each time around the tree.  For a beautifully garlanded tree, plan on using around 2 strands of garland times the height of the tree.  If you have a 7 foot tree then plan on using 14 strands of garland. You can also switch the garland up.  Use some fancy beaded garland for branch to branch draping while using the thicker garlands made from foil, ribbon or paper for the overall decorating. Step 3 is the ornaments.  In order to showcase the ornaments that are your favorite, put them on first in prime positions.  Once you finish with those, find the larger ornaments and place them on the tree making sure to evenly space them.  Fill in the spaces with the rest of the ornaments.  Make sure that you hang some of the ornaments close to the tree trunk in order to give it more depth.  
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