christmas gift boyfriend Show your boyfriend just how much you care by buying or making him a gift that he will love almost as much as you love him.  You can get him something practical, give him an experience he will never forget, give him a romantic gift or even make something for him.  No matter what you do, your man is sure to love it.


Practical gifts are often common things that we use all the time.  You can splurge on a pair of designer sunglasses or a watch – something that he will use all of the time and think of you when he does.  Clothing and picture frames are also good practical gift ideas.  Gift cards are neutral yet very practical and he will be able to get exactly what he wants with one.


With a romantic gift, you can heat up the passion in your relationship.  Bottles of champagne or wine are timeless options and sure to set off a Christmas evening that won’t be forgotten.  You can also buy him a book of love vouchers or even make one yourself, filling it with things like candlelit dinners for two, breakfast in bed, free massages and anything else.  You might also like to make a scrapbook or photo album and fill it with things from your history together.


Plan a trip, buy tickets to his favorite sports team’s next game, go skydiving…anything that will give him an experience to remember.  No gift will ever be able to compare to the gift of experiences.  Also, experience gifts live long after anything else in his memory.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This is a gift idea that is catching on all over the world.  It used to be that ugly Christmas sweaters were gifts that were given by relatives and were hated but had to be worn at least once so that the giver could see you in it.  Those days are gone. Now, ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming more of the tradition.  There are ugly Christmas sweater parties where the person with the ugliest sweater wins prizes.  There are ugly Christmas sweater days at work and school. You can make your boyfriend an ugly Christmas sweater with ease and have fun doing it.  You might even give him the materials and you could make one together.  It is also very easy to buy an ugly Christmas sweater like the ones seen here at  There are all sorts of them to choose from.  Some have writing on them while others are just pictures and designs.  These sweaters are so ugly they are cute and when you give your boyfriend one of these, you are sure to see a huge smile.