This Christmas, go beyond just hanging Christmas stockings on the mantel; instead take the time to decorate your fireplace mantel and make it into a piece of art. There are plenty of items that can be used to jazz up your fireplace. Florals, candles, a nativity scene, and Christmas cards are just a few. Florals, Greens, Acorns While the Christmas tree may be the main attraction, it doesn’t have to be the only greenery in your home. Consider using floral arrangements, mistletoes, wreaths, and acorns. These can be real or artificial, and can be bought easily at crafts stores or even the dollar store. Candles Using candles is a great way to decorate your fireplace mantel. If there are children or pets in the house, it might be safer to use electric candles. Otherwise, let the flames of the lit candles bring in the warmth and comfort of the holiday season. Line up different sized candles across the mantle or place a large candle in the center. Electric candles even come in different colors, which are perfect for any home. Nativity Scene If your fireplace mantel is large enough, create a nativity scene to remember what Christmas is really about – the birth of Jesus Christ. Most nativity scenes include figures of Mother Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph, but others may include shepherds, sheep, the barn, and angels as well. Christmas Cards A fireplace mantle is the perfect place to display the Christmas cards you receive from everyone during the holiday season. Put a few of your favorite out or use a card holder stand to display them on multiple rows. Just remember, if you plan to have guests over, make sure to have their card on display. The key to decorating a fireplace mantle for Christmas is to use a combination of these items. The idea is to mix and match and use various colors and textures to complement your existing Christmas décor.  
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