For those crafters out there, crocheting a Christmas stocking is a wonderful way to show off those dexterous skills during the holiday season. In addition to making one for yourself, handmade Christmas stockings also make a great gift for family and friends. There are plenty of patterns and tutorials to choose from, but for the beginner out there, here is a video tutorial from YouTube User, Crotchet Geek, that is easy enough to follow. Supplies Red & White - 4-ply Worsted Weight Yarn Size H Crochet Hook Instructions
  1. Start off with a foundation single crotchet stitches
  2. Then use 15 galaxy crochet stiches on each side for a 30 of total. Begin with Chain 2 for each round and skip a single stitch between the elongated sections on the bottom part of the stitch.
  3. Chain 2, turn, 1 galaxy stitch in each of the following 26 stiches. Slip stitch together in the center eye of the 5th galaxy stitch. The last 4 galaxy stitches will stay open for creating the toe of the stocking. The first 4 galaxy stitches will be shaped, folded over and sewn to the first four stitches.
  4. Turn, chain 2, 22 galaxy stitches around, and join. Determine which side will be face up. Sew your toe together by weaving in a more rounded shape. Sew the 4 stitches on each side together and knot your tail. Then sew it in.
  5. Turn, Chain 2, 22 galaxy stitches around, and join. Cut the yarn and tie a knot to secure once completed.
To make the stocking cuff: Chain 5, Row 1-17: 4 Single Crochet in each stitch for 17 rows. Fold over and sew in place on the inside or outside of the back part of the stocking.
Christmas stockings