homemade ugly christmas sweaterIf you are in the mood to get creative and make your own ugly Christmas sweater this year, there are a ton of ways to make them.  The first thing that you will need to do though is to get a sweater.  It is generally a good idea to get one that is all one color.  You may have such a sweater already, but if not you can pick one up at a thrift store for next to nothing. The next step is to decide what type of design you want to put on it.  If you are good with paints, you might decide to get some fabric paints and make your ugly Christmas sweater that way.  If so, draw out your design first and stencil it onto the sweater, then paint over the stenciled design with the fabric paints and let it dry. Talking about stenciling leads to talking about transfers.  You can get iron on transfers at any craft store.  These are easy to do and only takea few minutes.  Just follow the instructions on the transfer and you are good to go. You may decide that you would like your ugly Christmas sweater to be a bit more…um…3D?  If so, once you decide on the design, make a list of the materials that you will need (glue gun, glue sticks, fuzz balls, jingle bells, wreaths, tiny Christmas ornaments, LED lights, etc.) and head down to the craft store to get what you need.  Most of the time designs of this nature can be hot glued onto the sweater and this can actually become a tradition to do at holidays with the kids.  The sweaters can then be kept as keepsakes from past holidays together. If you are truly industrious, you can actually make the entire thing from scratch.  It helps to know how to sew or knit if you are going to follow this route.  It also helps to have a lot of time on your hands coupled with the drive to get it done.  Generally, ugly Christmas sweaters that are entirely made by hand like this will have the ugly Christmas design knitted or sewn in as the sweater is being made. As you can see, in just a few paragraphs we have covered all sorts of ways to make your own homemade ugly Christmas sweater.  Think of all of the ways and designs that we don’t have the space here for.  The ideas are absolutely endless.  Your sweater can be funny, ironic, Christmas movie inspired, traditional, and religious and anything else you want it to be.  Regardless, anytime you wear an ugly Christmas sweater you will turn heads and the sweaters are actually a great conversation starter. Happy designing!