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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Update – Posted on Sept 21, 2014

Christmas 2014 is just around the corner and the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon is bigger than ever!  Are you ready for an unprecedented number of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties?  Ready to see even 2013’s most stubborn holdouts sporting Ugly Christmas Sweaters?  Well so are we with our new line of sweaters!  And of course, we still have our inappropriate North Pole sweater and a line of cheap ugly Christmas sweaters (sweaters under $26) for those of you on a tight Holiday budget.  We’ve also been featured on several major news outlets including the NY Times, USA Today and Trend Hunter.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your ugly on!

Here at, we truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, or the very least, the beholder.   With these sweaters, that beauty is expressed through the the sheer joy and laughter these Christmas sweaters inspire. Purposefully tacky and often naughty (yet still classy!) these Christmas sweaters have earned their place as part of our Holiday tradition! These ugly sweaters are an intentional eye sore and thumb in the eye of the  annoying fashion police, and are sure to instigate stimulating conversations wherever you go–and even boost your chances of winning an xmas sweater contest or at least shine like an ornament at any ugly sweater event.  These designs are original and designed with the increasing popularity and trendiness of the ugly sweater in mind, while maintaining that familiar vintage feel about them.

The line of ugly sweaters and sweatshirts sold at Ugly Christmas Sweater are all top quality and comfortable products that are well-crafted and will keep you warm in the chill of a cold winter–even Santa wears these on occasion. Our goal here at Ugly Christmas Sweater is to provide you with warm, comfortable clothing that is designed to elicit laughs and inspire interesting conversations more than it is designed to impress fashionistas.  Having said this, a true fashionista will appreciate the intentional thumb in the eye to typical consumerism and the enjoyment of the holiday for its own sake.  It’s almost as if these sweaters come with an implicit get out of Jail free card, which the Fashion Police (whoever they are) have no choice but to abide by. We carry all sizes so no matter your arm length, chest width or body length we have a sweater for you!

Here at we really love the holiday season and take the holiday spirit to the nth degree.  As far as we are concerned, there is nothing more lovable than an Ugly Christmas Sweater, with its implicit memories as  disappointing gifts from grandma or embarrassing parental clothing choices (which somehow Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase were able to pull off!, and likely provided a kindling for these on-fire sweaters).. Whether you’re attending an Ugly Sweater party, celebrating Ugly Xmas Sweater Day, or simply attending a family Christmas dinner, you’ll want to browse through our large selection of sweaters and sweatshirts. Here at UCS, we create original designs for everyone; whether you’re looking for something that has intentionally mismatched colors, silly designs, landscapes that defy the laws of physics if not logic itself, or a sweater that offers a little bit of naughty “adult” humor in its design. If you’re looking for ugly Christmas sweater ideas or you’re throwing a sweater contest, you’ve come to the right place.  We are your source for all things ugly xmas and have a growing collection of ugly sweater information!  Stay tuned as we will be posting more reviews like this on our numerous sweater options.  We hope you will find these reviews helpful as we provide more info and guide you through the process of buying an ugly sweater!  If you need any information, please let us know and let us help with your decision!

We wear holiday clothing because it’s the festive and fashionable thing to do. If some truly outlandish-yet-hilarious holiday sweaters or sweatshirts are your cup of eggnog, then will not disappoint, with its plethora of tacky, naughty and downright goofy collection of sweaters. Ranging from more traditional styles to the truly cheap and schlocky, you won’t find a better selection of laughably bad Christmas clothing anywhere else. Spread some real holiday cheer and silly optimism when you don one of these impressive winter sweaters to your next holiday event (including National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day).

Shock humor is one of the more underrated forms of humor out there.  Nevertheless, people appreciate it mainly during unexpected times (like the holidays) so go forth and rock your ugly Christmas sweater!  These are available in men’s and women’s sizes, so don’t hesitate! Even if you’re just  curling up into a ball and watching a Christmas Story or any other Holiday favorite, these are ideal for the occasion!  Of course, if you’re the DIY type, we also have  Ugly Christmas Sweater Kits.

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