Ugly Christmas Sweater | Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women In the past, the ugly Christmas sweater was worn by parents for the holiday season. It was given to some children who were forced to wear it in Christmas pictures with the rest of the family. Now, it's worn in a more humorous way during ugly Christmas sweater parties. These parties often hold contests to find the worst Christmas sweater ever. How do you win one of these contests? Here are some tips for finding the ugliest Christmas sweater for the next contest you're invited to attend.

Obtaining an Ugly Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters can be found in many locations from thrift stores to online retailers cashing in on this holiday trend. If you're crafty enough to wield a needle, you could purchase an ugly Christmas sweater and enhance it with yarn, tinsel or garland yourself.

Applique Holiday Icons

Whether it's snowmen, kitty cats with holiday hats or cartoon Santas all over the sweater, the ugliest Christmas sweaters are incredibly tacky and awful. Large snowflakes, Christmas trees, brightly wrapped presents and animals wearing sweaters themselves are all truly awful and likely to be a Christmas winner. If you cringe when you see the sweater, it's sure to be a hit.

Quilted and Fearsome

If the sweater is quilted, that's a bonus for the ugly sweater contest you're likely to attend this holiday season. If there's a quilted reindeer wearing an ugly sweater on your quilted sweater, you've hit the jackpot in ugly sweater magnificence. Other guests at the party will be overwhelmed and impressed with your mind-blowing sweater.

Christmas Lights

Some of the best embellishments on an ugly sweater are the unexpected like Christmas lights. Imagine an ugly sweater with a bright red reindeer nose directly in the middle of it. There's no way anyone could compete with your ugly sweater. It's simple to install LED lights on your ugly sweater if you're going to DIY one.

Textures Galore

When it comes to ugly sweaters for Christmas, you'll want as many textures as possible in the material. From tinsel to garland to quilting to snow and 3D effects, it'll be a terrifying display of Christmas awful on one garment. That's how you win an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

Colors to Blind

You need to stick with red and green traditionally, but it would depend on the other colors. When you have more colors on the sweater, it's bound to be the ugliest in the room. If the contrasting colors make you a little dizzy when you're looking at them, that's the criteria for a truly frightening ugly sweater.

Ringing the Bell

If you don't think your Christmas sweater is ugly enough, you can add embellishments to the current chaos. With bells, you can use tiny ones that will let people hear you coming or huge ones that are quite noticeable. If you can add both, that would make it truly gaudy and amazing.

3D Plush Toy

This is another embellishment that you can add to your sweater. All these ideas are helpful in case you can't find your own ugly Christmas sweater. Around the holidays, it can be tough to find a good option at the thrift store since that's where many people go to buy them. You'll have to be handy to sew a small stuffed animal to the sweater, but it would be an incredible look for an ugly Christmas sweater. If you're creative, you can make a truly gaudy piece of Christmas irony with lots of embellishments. For those who aren't crafty, you can purchase one from a thrift store, online store or your parent's Christmas boxes stuffed into the attic. There's bound to be an ugly Christmas sweater there for the taking.
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