Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Holding an ugly Christmas sweater party is one of the most fun ways to celebrate the season.  People will come out in sweaters that normally would not leave the darkest corners of their closets and be proud to have them on.  They will love looking at all of the different sweaters that everyone will be wearing and they may not even feel so bad about theirs. No Christmas party (ugly Christmas sweater or otherwise) would be complete without games though.

You can always play dirty Santa. This is where everyone brings a wrapped gift that is under a certain price range that you specify.  When people enter the party, they can draw a piece of paper with a number on it out of a box.  They will put their gifts in a pile on the middle of the room.  As the party goes on, at some point you will call the guests together and whoever got the number 1 out of the box at the door gets to go first.  That guest will choose a gift from the pile and open it.  They will display it to everyone in the room and sit down.  The guest who got number 2 will go next.  He can either choose a gift from the pile or “steal’’ the gift unwrapped by the person who went first. If he steals the gift then the person from whom is was stolen goes and chooses and unwraps another gift.  He cannot resteal it from the person who stole it from him.  Gameplay goes on with each guest picking a gift from the pile or stealing an already opened one from another guest. This is a great way to get everyone interacting and having a great time.
Ugly christmas sweater party