Naughty Christmas Sweaters Choosing the most hilarious sweater for ugly Christmas sweater parties has become one of the biggest stresses for the holidays. They have to be comfy enough to wear all night but funny enough for memorable photos. Instead of searching the racks of a thrift store, try one of the naughty Christmas sweaters below. These sweaters feature hilarious adult-themed puns your friends will love and are a far cry from the old lady styles with precious snowmen or kittens. Read on for the 10 best naughty Christmas sweaters you need for your 2017 party.

1. Santa's Favorite HO

Ladies can show off their wild side with this adult sweater. It takes Santa Claus' signature phrase and puts a cheeky spin on it! This sweater is perfect for those girls who are obsessed with Christmas all year long and want to show off their "close relationship" with Santa.

2. Feel the Joy

If you are a gal who gets a little frisky after one too many eggnogs, this is the sweater for you. The strategically placed groping hands show other party goers that you are ready for some action. This sweater also features the punny quote "Feel the Joy," which is sure to have your friends laughing as soon as you walk in the door.

3. Jingle My Bells

The flirt of the group will love this naughty Christmas sweater. The suggestive text "Jingle My Bells" is printed above a set of low-hanging sleigh bells. This goofy sweater is sure to charm all the ladies at the party.

4. Balls

Do you love trimming the tree with Christmas ornaments? Show off your love of those pretty balls with this cheeky sweater. One green and one red ornament are accompanied by the word "Balls," making this the perfect tacky sweater for any guy.

5. Stripper Pole

Find out what elves really do on their days off with this naughty Christmas sweater. A sexy stripper working her magic on the North Pole is surrounded by grinning elves. This sweater is sure to be the talk of your ugly sweater party.

6. Merry F*ckin Christmas

If you are feeling like a Scrooge this time of year, show your true mood with this sweater. Its stark black tree pattern and the message "Merry F*ckin Christmas" on a red background show that you are not here for precious traditions or holiday songs. This sweater is certainly full of personality!

7. Let's Get Baked

Do you love sneaking a little wacky tobacky into your holiday treats? Then this is the naughty Christmas sweater for you. Featuring a red-eyed gingerbread man, those certain leaves, and the phrase "Let's Get Baked," this sweater will let everyone know who to come to for extra fun when you wear it to a party.

8. Let's Get Elfed Up

Any life of the party will love wearing this sweater to holiday gatherings. Show you are ready to party all night with this adult sweater featuring drunken elves holding beer mugs and the punny message "Let's Get Elfed Up." This sweater is the perfect middle ground between offensive and hilarious.

9. Gonna Party Cuz It's His Birthday

Show that you remember the real reason for the season with this cheeky sweater. This blue sweater features Jesus with streams of confetti around him and the phrase "Gonna Party Cuz It's His Birthday." Your friends will be laughing all night and your sweater will definitely start conversations.

10. Filthy Animal

If you are a 90s baby, Home Alone is probably one of your favorite Christmas movies. Now you can wear a little piece of the movie with this sweater! It features the famous quote "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal." Wear this to give everyone at the party a dose of nostalgia.
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