Ugly Christmas Sweater | Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women

What Are Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Ever see a Christmas sweater with all kinds of outsized designs? From snowmen to Christmas trees to reindeer to Santa Claus and more. These sweaters are often outfitted with extravagant extra materials, such as felt pom-poms, that make them look even more ridiculous. These are, in short, ugly Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters are not necessarily a source of fashion shame. People have begun celebrating ugly Christmas sweater parties. During these parties, you can take part in enjoy holiday festivities with ugly sweaters being worn by guests. There can be plenty of mirth and merriment as you all enjoy seeing each other's tacky sweaters and see who has the most memorable ugly sweater at the event.

Where Can I Purchase Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Ugly Christmas sweaters can be found in numerous places. In addition to our website, you can also look to other stores, including retail chains and thrift shops. Part of the fun of preparing for an ugly Christmas sweater party comes from knowing that you won't have to choose a garment based on taste. Instead, you can have fun by choosing one that's absolutely ridiculous. Popular clothing retailers like Wal-Mart and Macy's are great places to find ugly sweaters. While the ugly sweater that you find at these places might not be intended to be "ugly," they can still be used as such. If you're looking to save money on your sweater or want to find one that has an additional retro charm, you should look to a thrift shop. Going to Goodwill or the Salvation Army can be a real haven in terms of finding hilarious Christmas sweaters.

When Did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Start?

You can't have ugly Christmas sweater parties without ugly Christmas sweaters. These tacky sweaters weren't necessarily seen as such back in the day. Rather, they were seen as a way to spread holiday cheer through rather ostentatiously designed sweaters. However, murmurs about how unflattering these sweaters were started to spread, and soon enough parties were starting. The origin of ugly sweater parties is traced to the early 2000s. In Canada, some friends realized how memorable these sweaters were. So, they decided to host the first ugly Christmas sweater party. This hilarious concept soon spread to other regions, including the United States and the United Kingdom. At this point, it's hard to see someone wearing a Christmas sweater and ask them if they're going to an ugly Christmas sweater party.

What Do Ugly Christmas Sweaters Look Like?

With ugly Christmas sweater designs, their looks are limited based on your imagination. There's so much potential for ugliness and ridiculousness that they have to be seen to believed. Ugly Christmas sweaters have all kinds of designs that will spread yuletide cheer in the goofiest way possible. Red and white are some of the most popular Christmas colors, in no small part due to those being the colors of Santa's suit. When looking for an ugly sweater, you'll be sure to be greeted by those colors plenty of times. You might also see a whole lot of evergreen color, in the spirit of Christmas trees. There are all kinds of Christmas-style designs that can found all around these unflattering sweaters. You might see the smiling face of Santa Claus. You might also see snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes, hot chocolate, and ornaments, especially as felt pom-poms. Part of the fun of Christmas sweaters comes from how jampacked they get with designs. So, you might find different combinations of these designs on one sweater. If you find an ugly Christmas sweater overflowing with ideas, it can make you a big hit at an upcoming party.

How Do I Host An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

If you're in the mood for hosting a party during the holiday season, an ugly Christmas sweater can be the perfect occasion for you to gather with your friends. These parties are informal by design, so it's a great way for you to unwind. If you want to host an ugly Christmas sweater party, you need to take the proper measures to prepare for it. Make sure you schedule it around a time that people can make it. The holidays are a very busy time of year, so you want to give as much advance notice as possible, ideally around the beginning of December. Choose a date that works for you and ideally, most of your potential guests. When you're ready to host the party, you should spread the word about it on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to post habitual updates about it to let guests know about any additional developments. For the party itself, you can do things like have games and contests. While these should be varied, at least a couple should be based on the sweaters. For instance, you can have a prize for whoever has the sweater that is deemed to be the ugliest.

What and When is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

Believe it or not, there's actually a day to commemorate the wearing of ugly Christmas sweaters. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day was created to honor those who happily wear these memorable sweaters during December. It's a holiday that was derived from another, existing holiday. It's easy to remember when National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. It takes place on December 18, exactly one week before Christmas day. So, you can anticipate the arrival of Christmas even more with an ugly Christmas sweater party held on December 18. If Christmas Day is a time for family and gift-giving, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is just a terrific time to get as festive as possible. You don't have to hold your party on this day, but it can add a lot of fun to imagine how many other people around the world are also celebrating.

When Should I Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

There's no wrong time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Though they might be typically worn at Christmas time (particularly at ugly sweater parties), you can also wear them whenever you feel like. Besides their tacky appearances, they also serve an important function of being sweaters, made of materials such as wool. On a cold evening when you want to snuggle up with something, a sweater can do in a pinch, no matter how ugly it may be. Given how ugly Christmas sweaters have a rather goofy appearance, there are times when it would be inappropriate to wear them. For instance, if attending a funeral or wedding, it would attract the wrong kind of attention. Additionally, if you're meeting someone who you want to make a good impression on, such as a hiring manager or a first date, an ugly Christmas sweater might indicate to them that you don't take things seriously. When the Christmas season is over, an ugly Christmas sweater might attract some curious glances. Nonetheless, if you find a reason to wear it, and it's not obviously inappropriate, you should feel free to do so. After all, it's still cold for a few months after Christmas. Ugly Christmas sweaters are a wonderful way to feel silly and have fun during the holiday season. Look through our selection of sweaters and see what kind of ugly sweater catches your fancy. We hope you'll find something so ugly, you just have to have it.