Untangle those string lights, and dust off those ornaments – it's almost Christmas time again. This magical holiday casts its spell over every neighborhood and gets everyone in the spirit to decorate and sing carols throughout December. Whether it's plastic snowmen on the lawn or Santa Claus and his reindeer on the rooftops, there's more than one way to decorate for the Christmas season.

6 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home

1. Santa Claus Comes to Town

No outdoor Christmas scene would be complete without Santa Claus on the rooftop or the lawn. Santa Claus inflatables come in all sizes, and some have built-in lights to make them glow at night. You can also set up a plastic Santa Claus in his sleigh with reindeer leading the way across the lawn. Rooftop kits are also available for attaching Santa decorations to the shingles.

2. It's a Winter Wonderland

It doesn't have to snow in December to make it a winter wonderland. You can either make fake snow using white polyester batting for upholstery or invest in artificial snow in a bag. Laying it over the lawn, hedges and porch will create the look of a white Christmas even on a warm, sunny day. A plastic snowman and white icicle lights complete the wintry scene and make it look like Jack Frost has visited your home.

3. Musical Christmas Lights

Anyone can decorate their home with thousands of colorful lights, but some people take the extra time to synchronize those lights to music. Synchronized musical lights come in various sizes and colors to create most any theme that you can imagine. You can go all out and wire everything yourself to a player in your home or buy LED synchronized lights with preprogrammed music for easy installation.

4. The Three Wise Men

Not everyone forgets the religious aspect of Christmas. When snowmen and Santa Claus won't do, decorate your lawn with the three wise men. You can also set up a manger scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Complete the scene with the star of Bethlehem shining overhead and string lights all around to create a welcoming glow.

5. Rudolph Lights the Way

Children passing by know it's the holiday season when they see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on your lawn. A Rudolph decoration comes with and without lights and looks great when it's placed at the front of Santa's sleigh. You can also place Rudolph up on your rooftop so that everyone can see his red nose as they drive by your home.

6. Green Garland and Mistletoe

Decorate more traditionally by wrapping green garland around your porch columns or deck posts. Hide the wires from string lights within the garland, and hang mistletoe above the door. Placing wreathes on the front door and candles in the windows will give your home a traditional look and feel.

Get in the Festive Spirit

This Christmas, go all out with musical lights, or keep it modest and traditional with wreathes and candles. Whether you want to recreate the manger scene or let Rudolph light the w