christmas tree decorations The Christmas tree is an object that is placed in the home during the holiday season. It's often a symbol of time spent with family and the magic of the season. When there are presents under the tree and the lights are on, children and adults often have a sparkle in the eye and a glowing feeling in the heart. A string of lights isn't the only thing that you can put on the tree. There are simple decorations, and there are decorations involving themes that can bring the tree to life.


If you want a tree with a simple design, all you have to do is add colored balls, a few icicles and other decorations that you enjoy seeing. You can get colored balls that are made of glass so that they sparkle or those that have a cloth exterior, which are easier to use if there are children in the home because they don't break as easily. Garland is another decoration that gives a beautiful look to the tree, but it doesn't cover the other ornaments that are used. Religious holiday decorations, such as the Three Wise Men or ornaments of Mary and Joseph can be used if you want a simple tree or one that tells more about the reason behind the holiday.

Candy Canes

If you have a white tree, then a candy cane theme would be an idea that is easy to create. Add red and white lights to the tree and a red tree skirt. Leave candy canes wrapped, putting them on branches of the tree, or use red and white balls of different sizes to give a larger candy cane look. Other holiday decorations on the Christmas tree should be variations of red and white to complete the theme.

Winter Wonderland

If you enjoy the winter season, then decorating in a winter wonderland theme would be a fun experience. This is a theme where you use snowflakes, ornaments that look like mittens and sleds and other items that make you think of being outside in the snow. There are several types of snowflakes that you can get, such as plain white with a little glitter or those that are made of glass that will shimmer and capture the colorful lights on the tree. Blue lights work well with this theme, but you could u
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