In Australia, Christmas is a little different than in other parts of the world. Since they are situated in a different part of the world, they celebrate Christmas in July while it is cold in Australia. However, that isn’t the only thing that is different there. Up until the past few years, Australia had never heard of ugly Christmas sweaters. Now, the ugly Christmas sweater movement has taken Australia by storm. If you are new to this ugly Christmas sweater thing, there are a few styling options you can come up with to help you rock your ugly Christmas sweater no matter if it is in July or December.

Be Over the Top

Part of having a rocking ugly Christmas sweater is being over the top with the sweater choice. The uglier the sweater, the better. Since there are very few places where you can dress ridiculously and get away with it, feel free to be over the top with your choice of sweater. Find plenty of festive color options, and you can even go with hilarious Christmas quotes. If you want, you can use props and anything else that makes your sweater stand out. Creating an ugly Christmas sweater is just part of the excitement that is this weird but fun celebration.

Wear Simple Bottoms

Since you are going to be wearing a patterned and excessive sweater for a top, you need to find the right pair of pants or bottoms to highlight the sweater without seeming like too much. This is where dark jeans or dark trousers can be helpful. Pick something with a sold, but darker color that allows the bright colors on your sweater to stand out. If you are a woman, who needs to wear a dress to the office, try pairing your ugly Christmas sweater with a dark skirt. The more simple your pants are, the better your sweater will stand out.

Go With Ugly Socks

Underneath your pants and dressy shoes, try adding a pair of brightly colored, festive socks that are just as ugly as the sweater. They are fun, but since they are hidden, they do not take away from the sweater. Plus, wearing the dressier shoes make your outfit seem a little less tacky and more fashion forward with an ugly Christmas tradition twist. There are tons of festive socks out there, but be sure to get something that has the same color schemes as your sweater. Choose a plaid style or see if you can find a Christmas type character for an update in the festive look. Go with knee highs or mid-rise socks to change it up a bit depending on your style and type of ugly sweater.

Get an Accessory

Part of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater means going as crazy with your wardrobe as you possibly can. One way to do just that is to wear a type of festive accessories like a tie or a necklace. Choose something that is a solid color to avoid detracting attention from the sweater. Subtle patterns for ties or bowties are also idea because you don’t want the patterns in the tie and the sweater to clash. Grab a tie or necklace in a complementing color to your sweater so you can easily tie everything together for a complete look.

Avoid the Scratchiness

If you have a sweater that is rather scratchy, you can always avoid the awful feeling by wearing a button down shirt or a light t-shirt underneath. Not only does this boost your style factor a bit, but it helps cut down on the scratchy feeling that many sweaters have. Choose a simple button-down with little, skinny stripes or big gingham that matches the colors in the sweater. You don’t want to take away from the ugly sweater since that is the highlight of the outfit. You can even roll up the sleeves a bit, especially if you live in an area where it is a little warm during the winter months. A shirt underneath the sweater can make a huge difference in your comfort level if nothing else.


The ugly Christmas sweater movement has taken off Australia. Though once a place where Christmas in July was unlike Christmas anywhere else, they have begun to take the idea of the ugly Christmas sweater, and implement it in various places throughout the continent. Luckily, there are easy ways to rock the ugly Christmas sweater party and look great while doing it. You don’t even have to dress tacky. Remember to choose to complement patterns and colors that all highlight your sweater. You don’t want to take away from the main attraction of your outfit. If you want, you can add a few festive touches like socks or a necklace, but remember to keep it simple with everything but your sweater, where you have permission to be over the top.
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