A sweater can be a great way to stay warm and comfortable, but it requires some special care and styling method to retain the perfect appearance. Keep reading to get the answers to commonly asked questions about sweaters.

How do you hang up a sweater?

Knowing how to hang sweaters is very important because an improperly hung sweater can get stretched out of shape permanently. In general, just using a wire or plastic hanger normally can end up causing strange bulges in the shoulders of your sweater. If you want to hang up a sweater, you need to use a wide wooden or padded hanger. The key to hanging up the sweater without stretching it is to fold the sweater before hanging it up. Fold the sweater in half vertically before putting the hanger hook in the armpit area and draping the folded sleeves and waist over the hanger. This helps to distribute the weight and reduce stretching.

What is the best way to store a sweater?

Since most sweaters are made of a knit material, they need special storage methods to retain their shape properly. Follow these expert tips to learn how to store sweaters. Before putting a sweater in storage, make sure it is clean and dry. Fold sweaters neatly and store them in a breathable container or garment bag. This helps to prevent pilling, musty smells, or bug infestations. Stack the wrapped sweaters neatly in a cool dry place on a horizontal surface.

How do you wash a sweater?

The key to how to wash sweaters will depend on the material your sweater is made from. Read the label carefully to see the sweater's material and recommended care instructions. You can always wash the sweater with a gentler method than the tag suggests, but avoid using harsher methods than those listed on the tag. If the sweater is made of wool or a sturdy synthetic material, it can probably be machine washed and dried. Sweaters made of more delicate materials might need to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. For wool and other water-sensitive materials, your best method to wash them may be steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

How should you fold a sweater?

When storing your sweater, you might be wondering how to fold sweaters in the tidiest and safest method. The right folding process is important because it will help your sweater to retain shape, avoid wrinkles, and fit neatly on any shelf. Start by laying your sweater facedown and then fold each arm straight across the back of your sweater. Then fold each side until the edges of the sleeves meet in the middle of the back. Fold the back up until it reaches the neck of the sweater. If you are wearing a long sweater, you might need to fold it twice. Finish by flipping the sweater over and storing.

How do you wear an oversized sweater?

If you do not know how to wear oversized sweaters, you risk ending up with an outfit that looks sloppy instead of stylish. The key to wearing an oversized sweater is to keep every other part of your look tailored, fitted, or polished. Large sweaters often work well with very fitted bottoms like leggings or skinny jeans. They can also provide a nice contrast to a pair of tailored slacks or a crisp pencil skirt. You can balance the bulk of the sweater by wearing medium-weight shoes like high-top sneakers or ankle boots. If desired, wear a collared shirt that can peek over the top of the sweater. Keep in mind that oversized sweaters can look pajama-like if not properly accessorized. Wear tasteful makeup, make sure your hair is styled neatly, and add some earrings or a ring to the outfit.

What do you wear with long sweaters?

How to wear long sweaters will depend on the overall length and style of the sweater. If the sweater does not open in the front and does reach past your rear, you can style it like any other shirt dress. This style of sweater dress can look great with knee high boots and tights. If the sweater is a little shorter, you will most likely want to pair it with pants. Just like an oversized sweater, this type of sweater pairs best with skinny pants or leggings. For long sweaters that open in the front, balance the loose, flowing shape with something fitted. Try wearing it over skinny or straight legged pants with a button down or scoop neck shirt.

Can you dry a sweater after it gets wet?

Knowing how to dry sweaters is just as important as knowing how to wash them. Once your sweater is ready to be dried, you need to avoid twisting it or doing anything else that may disturb the knitwear. Instead, start by laying the sweater flat on a clean towel. Gently fold the towel over the sweater and press down to get rid of all the excess water. If the sweater is made from a very thick material, you may need to repeat this step a few times. Once the sweater is just slightly damp, lay it flat on a dry towel and wait until the sweater dries. You need to carefully spread it to the correct shape and smooth it out. If desired, you can flip it over once or twice during the drying process. Always make sure the sweater remains flat and in its desired shape. It may take up to 24 hours for it to dry fully.

What are the steps to wash a wool sweater?

The first thing you need to do when learning how to wash wool sweaters is to look at the care instructions on the garment's tag. Some types of wool are very delicate and can only be steam cleaned or dry cleaned. If the wool can be machine washed, remember that you need to avoid any heat or excessive friction that could felt the wool. To clean the wool sweater, submerge it in a basin of cool water with only a drop or two of soap. Gently swish the sweater through the soapy water and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Avoid wringing, rubbing, or twisting the sweater. Instead, press it gently to remove extra water, then place it flat on a dry towel and let it air dry.

How do you remove fuzz from a sweater?

When a sweater is frequently used, the fibers that make up the knit structure can become loosened and fuzzy. Unlike a pilled sweater, the fibers in a fuzzy sweater do not form small balls. Instead, they remain as loose, individual fibers that make the entire sweater look fuzzy. It is possible to use a professional sweater restoration service, or you can learn how to remove fuzz from sweaters yourself. To remove fuzz from a sweater, you will need a fine toothed sweater comb. Lay the sweater flat and gently stretch it so that the material is slightly taut. Hold the comb at a 45 degree angle to the sweater and lightly drag it down the surface while being careful not to snag the teeth in the knit. The comb will gather up the fuzzy bits and help to make the sweater look tidier.

Can you get rid of pilling on sweaters?

Knowing how to remove pilling from sweaters is a little different from removing lint. If the sweater has pilled, this means that all of the fuzzy little fibers have stuck together into balls that will not come away when loosely combed. To remove the pills by hand, you can use scissors or a razor blade to cut off each individual pill. This can take a little time and you will need to be careful to avoid cutting the fabric itself. For more convenience, consider getting a fabric shaver. This electric machine will automatically remove pills as you drag it across the sweater. Whatever method you choose, always be sure to let the sweater dry and take it off your body before you start removing the pills.

What is the process to remove lint from sweaters?

The lint on a sweater may be caused by sweater fibers themselves, or it can occur when your sweater is exposed to other fibrous fabrics. Whatever the cause, lint can be quite unsightly, so it is good to figure out how to remove lint from sweaters. If you have a lint roller, this is the simplest and quickest method. All you have to do is roll the lint roller over the surface of the sweater and take off all the lint. Those who do not have a lint roller can try wrapping tape around their hand with the sticky side facing outward and then using their hand as a makeshift lint roller. This helps to pick up lint, pet hairs, and other debris. Another alternative option is to use a sweater comb or brush to sweep away lint.

What is a cardigan sweater?

A cardigan is a special type of sweater that is characterized by its unusual shape. Instead of being a pullover sweater that goes over the top of your head, a cardigan opens in the front. This allows you to pull it on like a jacket. A traditional cardigan buttons up the middle, but there are styles that have hook closures or just stay open altogether. This versatile type of sweater can be worn under suits for a formal outfit or paired with t-shirts and jeans for a casual look. Cardigans come in all shapes and styles. There are short sleeved and long sleeved ones, and you can find cropped styles that end at midchest or long styles that reach the knees.

How do you wash cashmere sweaters?

The steps for how to wash cashmere sweaters is a little different than usual sweater washing instructions because cashmere is such a unique material. Cashmere typically does best when hand washed at home. Fill a large basin or sink with lukewarm water and mix in a small amount of gentle detergent without any bleach. Then press the sweater into the water until the fibers of the sweater are completely wet. Use your hands to softly swish the sweater around for a few moments, and then let it soak for five minutes. After soaking, rinse the sweater with cool water. Ball it up gently, being careful not to scrunch or twist it, to remove excessive water. Then place it flat on a dry towel on the floor and roll up the towel to get rid of even more water. After the sweater is just damp, lay it flat, reshape it, and let it dry.