Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties When you are going to be throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party then there might be games, activities and contests that will be in your plans.  These can really make a party great!  There are all kinds of different games that you can play, activities that will get everyone involved and no ugly Christmas sweater party would be complete without a contest to see who wore the ugliest Christmas sweater. When it comes to games and contest there should be prizes for the winners.  They don’t have to be big prizes but they should be fun.  For games the prizes could be like little coffee mugs filled with Christmas candy and tied up with a bow.  For the contests you could give “trophies’’ to the winners that may be little Santa bobble head dolls wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. There are endless possibilities for gifts and prizes for the people who win the contests and games.  When you are going to hold an ugly Christmas sweater party then you need to be creative and find prize ideas that will be fun and still not break your budget.

If you happen to go into a craft store or a Christmas store you will be amazed at what you can find in these places that will make amazing prizes for you winners.  They will have all kinds of ideas for different party games as well. With the combination of the right games, activities and contests coupled with just the right prizes, your party will be a hit and your guests will be counting the days until the next year’s party.
Ugly christmas sweater party