Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties If you are thinking about hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party this year then you might want to have some ugly Christmas sweater games.  This can be something as simple as having a contest to see who has the ugliest Christmas sweater or it could be something more complex like an ugly Christmas sweater scavenger hunt. For an ugly Christmas sweater scavenger hunt you will have to pay close attention to who has what on their sweaters.  Make notes of different items that are on the sweaters before the game starts.  When you have enough items on your list the game can begin.  Break the guests up into groups or teams and then hand out different parts of the list to different teams.  As they go around looking at everyone’s Christmas sweaters in search of the items the fun will ensue.  This is a great way to get your guests mingling and interacting with people they may not generally know or have anything to do with.

If your party is one where there will be drinking you could hold a pageant/drinking game.  This is where you pick something out that you would normally see on an ugly Christmas sweater...let’s say a tree.  One by one you can have the guests come up front and display their sweater…each time the item(s) appear everyone must drink. You could also get a picture of Santa that has been blown up and little ugly Christmas sweaters with push pins on them and play pin the sweater on Santa. There are a great many more games and activities that you can play and do in regards to ugly Christmas sweaters.  What kinds of games and activities will you be holding at your ugly Christmas sweater party?