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Step into a festive world where prehistoric charm meets holiday cheer with our Tree Rex Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Decoration. Standing at an impressive 6 feet tall, this dinosaur-themed inflatable is a delightful twist on traditional holiday decor, blending the wonder of dinosaurs with the magic of Christmas.

Setting up your Tree Rex is as simple as plugging it in. The self-inflating design means you won’t have to spend hours preparing; instead, you’ll have more time to enjoy the season. As night falls, the built-in lights illuminate Tree Rex, turning it into a radiant centerpiece of your holiday display, perfect for capturing the imagination of neighbors and guests alike.

Durable and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Tree Rex comes with stakes to ensure it stands tall throughout the season, regardless of weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to add a unique touch to your front yard or want to create a jolly Jurassic scene inside your home, this inflatable decoration is sure to bring smiles and a sense of wonder to all who see it. Celebrate this holiday season with a decoration that's as adventurous and fun as it is festive!


  • Dinosaur Holiday Fun: This unique 6-foot tall Tree Rex inflatable adds a prehistoric twist to your holiday decor, featuring a dinosaur festively adorned with Christmas lights, sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.
  • Easy Self-Inflation: Enjoy hassle-free setup with this self-inflating decoration. Just plug it in, and watch as Tree Rex expands to its full size, ready to roar with holiday cheer.
  • Bright Nighttime Display: Outfitted with internal lighting, Tree Rex doesn’t just make a daytime impression but also shines gloriously at night, adding an extra layer of festive charm to your evenings.
  • Sturdy Outdoor Design: Comes complete with stakes, ensuring your dinosaur stays stable and secure throughout the holiday season, even amidst outdoor winter elements.
  • Flexible Placement Options: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, this inflatable decoration can enliven your yard, garden, or bring a Jurassic touch to indoor holiday gatherings.

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