Inflatable Oversized Ornaments Christmas Balls

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Length: 15 inches
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Illuminate your holiday season with our Inflatable Oversized Ornaments Balls, an elegant touch to both indoor and outdoor spaces. These jumbo ball ornaments, available in two sizes of 15" or 30", not only serve as a captivating centerpiece but also come equipped with LED lights to brighten up any festive setting. Crafted in a pristine white, these ornaments are versatile, allowing you to customize their hue with a remote control that offers 16 distinct colors.

Whether you're aiming for a serene, snowy ambiance or a vibrant, festive vibe, you have the power to choose. The remote also provides functionalities such as dimming, flashing, strobing, fading, and smooth transitions, ensuring your decorations remain lively. The set includes all the necessary accessories, from suction cups for windows to adhesive round tape, wire ropes, ground rods, and even a USB charger wire. Installation is a breeze, and the included ornament cap gives a finishing touch that mirrors traditional holiday ornaments. Dive into a world of color, light, and festive spirit with these inflatable ornaments.


  • Includes a choice of 15 or 30 inches inflatable ornament, a LED light source with remote control, ground stakes, suction cup, USB charging cord, and 2 ornament toppers. Does not include anything else.
  • Air Pump not included. We recommend using an eletric air pump or hand pump to inflate.
  • Comes with LED lights that can be customized to 16 vibrant colors using the included remote control. Oversized inflatable ornaments elevate any holiday decor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Comprehensive set includes all installation and display accessories, ensuring easy setup and versatile placement. Additional remote functionalities include dimming, flashing, strobing, fading, and smooth transitions for dynamic lighting effects.
  • High-quality design and materials ensure longevity and a consistent festive glow throughout the holiday season.

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