Blitzen's Tavern Beverage Sweater

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Everyone appreciates a fun sense of humor during the holiday season and if you’re like us and you like to take the piss out on the golden mythology of the Christmas season, then you’ll most definitely like this silly and fun Blitzen’s Tavern Beverage ugly Christmas sweater. There isn’t a person alive on this planet that hasn’t sung the song with the reindeer names in it and at a certain point thought about how “Blitzen” wasn’t analogous with getting wasted during the holiday season. It’s been a thought in the zeitgeist for over 100 years and it will be a thought for the next 100 years as well, if not longer.  Wearing this hideous holiday jumper will make anyone feel as tipsy as one of Santa's elves who's been cleaning up reindeer poo for too long!

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