Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Finding the Perfect Womens Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Stand Out This Season

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have been a yuletide staple for over a decade now, and let’s face it: Every year it gets harder to standout amongst all of the holiday hideousness. Fortunately, UglyChristmasSweater.com has the most tasteless, tackiest and most downright unattractive holiday attire for you winter wardrobe. Their catalog is decked with pieces that light up, offend and secretly make everyone jealous that you look way cooler than they could ever hope to be.

In addition to women’s ugly Christmas sweaters featuring pop-culture icons like the Grinch, Darth Vader and that awesome lamp from A Christmas Story, UglyChristmasSweater.com carries cringe-worthy Christmas leggings, clip-on Christmas lights and even DIY kits that are perfect for holding contests to see who can make the most frightful winter attire. The competition will be stiff this year, so you should start shopping early; however, let’s first look at how this horrible holiday trend all began.

The Evolution of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We can only assume that the invention of the ugly Christmas sweater was a fluke, likely someone’s misguided attempt at making an attractive article of clothing. The trend can actually be traced to a single individual named Koos Van Den Akker, a Dutch-American designer with a passion for zigzags and complementary colors. Den Akker is no ham-and-egger; he holds the accolade of being the only designer in history to sell a million dollars worth of merchandise within a single hour on QVC, the national home shopping network. The designer and Bill Cosby had a mutual friend in singer Josephine Premice, who asked Den Akker to custom design a Christmas sweater as a present for the famous comedian in the early 1980s. Upon receiving the gift, Cosby was so ecstatic that he immediately put it on and wore it while filming for his hit TV series, The Cosby Show.

Thus, the crazy Christmas sweater craze was born. Cosby started buying sweaters from Den Akker to give to all of his friends, and he even flew to New York and convinced the designer to open his clothing his store on Sunday for a private birthday party in honor of his wife Camille. Cosby told everyone in attendance to pick out a sweater they liked, and he would pay for it. No one apparently had the heart to tell Cosby that his tastes in clothes were horrible, and soon hundreds of people were stuck with something they wouldn’t be caught dead in.

When the Party Started

Fashion has a weird way of coming full circle, and the turn of the twenty-first century saw a renewed interest in the 1980s. The 2001 movie Bridget Jones’s Diary officially brought new life to the ugly Christmas sweater in the classic opening scene in which Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth bond over an unfortunate festive floral print dress and a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer turtle neck. The next year in Vancouver, Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch held the first documented ugly Christmas Sweater party at the Commodore Ballroom. The concept spread like kudzu, and soon thousands of college campuses and even major corporations were hosting ugly Christmas sweater events.

Bringing Ugly Back

So, here we are. How are you going to grab everyone’s attention this season? By going all-out with outlandishly ugly Christmas leggings, of course. If all-over candy cane prints aren’t enough to properly convey your holiday cheer, you can accessorize with LED Christmas sweater ornaments that glow red, green, blue and yellow. If you’re going for the “I’ve been impaled by a moose” look popularized by Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa, a 3D Christmas Sweater will assure that everyone notices you coming and going. Showing off your favorite NFL team is a great way to personalize your attire, but if can’t find anything that truly matches your personality, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit gives you the tools to make your own, unique article to reflect your inner Den Akker. Don’t blend in this holiday season; get your women’s ugly Christmas sweaters and a full tacky holiday wardrobe at UglyChristmasSweater.com!