Christmas in July

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is celebrated every summer on July 25. There are a few theories on why we celebrate this "holiday". Some people say that because December 25 falls in the summer months in the summer hemisphere, Christmas in July is celebrated so that they can have a traditional Christmas celebration. Others feel that it is an excuse to celebrate during a time of the year where there are not many major holidays. Then there are those that feel it is a time for stores to promote sales and increase business during typically slow summer months. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that Christmas in July is a wonderful "holiday" to celebrate with friends and family.

Christmas in July in Australia

For people looking for a major Christmas in July celebration, they may want to head to the land down under, as Christmas in July is a national holiday in Australia. They celebration is huge, comparable to traditional December Christmas celebrations. Instead of celebrating indoors, with warm cider and eggnog, Australians typically hold their celebrations outdoors to enjoy the sun, beach, and seafood. Australia has ties to British heritage, which is the main reason for the Christmas in July Celebration, also referred to as Yuletide.

When is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is celebrated annually on July 25.

Christmas in July Movie

To go along with the festivities, there is a movie called Christmas in July, starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew. The movie plot features a contest for a coffee slogan and a $25,000 prize, mistakenly given to someone who did not actually win. The merry misadventure follows the "winner" of the prize who receives a promotion at work and uses the prize money to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring and gifts for his mother and neighbors. The 1940 comedy is a lighthearted Christmas in July tradition, enjoyed by millions of viewers each year.

Christmas in July Party Ideas

Don't let Christmas in July go by without celebrating! Keep it breezy and light, with refreshments such as flavored iced coffees and frozen hot chocolates. No need for a traditional sit-down dinner. An outdoor buffet is much more fitting for this occasion. Fruity desserts such as strawberry shortcake and key lime pie are perfect for this fun Christmas in July celebration! Celebrate by the pool if possible. You can have a cute, Christmas themed party with water balloon snowballs and red and green pool noodles. Don't forget the snow cones! Of course, play your favorite Christmas songs over the sound system for a party no one will forget!

Christmas in July Invitations

Need a fun way to invite family and friends to your Christmas in July party? Try having some fun invitations printed up. Perhaps you can draw a palm tree with Christmas lights, or Santa on a surfboard. Go for lighter shades of red and green. All of these ideas will keep in tune with the warm weather Christmas celebration. Your guests will be super excited to attend your party!
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