Christmas Facts It's time to get crafty. There's nothing like those few words to get crafting enthusiasts up on their feet and out the door to the nearest hobby shop, and the thought of it being time to start on Christmas crafts might just have your eyes glazed over with sheer happiness. After all, the Christmas crafts that you can create are practically endless, and you can turn your world into a holiday wonderland with your own special creative touch. This year, you might want to take your Christmas crafting to all new heights. Don't stop with the holiday cheer at your front door. In addition to the normal yearly crafts that surround the Christmas tree, you can decorate your front porch and front yard with cool holiday craft projects. Get your neighbors together for a crafting event that will make your neighborhood hit the top of the list for best-decorated community, and get your children working on Christmas crafts that they can enjoy as well. Christmas crafting is more than just a hobby. You're creating special memories and new traditions. It's time to get your creative juices flowing, and here are a few excellent craft ideas for Christmas to get you started.

Indoor Christmas Crafts

• No-Sew Fleece Christmas Stockings: It's an absolute must that all of the stockings must be hung with care for Christmas, but now you don't have to know how to sew to create beautiful, personalized stockings for the entire family. These patterns make this an easy project for any skill level, and you'll have beautiful fleece stockings to use every year. • Illuminated Paper Christmas Trees: These illuminated trees will brighten up your mantle or your table during Christmas dinner. Easy printable trees and simple directions make this an easy craft for anyone.

Outdoor Christmas Crafts

• Pumpkin Snowmen: Forget those tacky, inflatable Christmas decorations because you can make these adorable snowmen with little more than your pumpkins that were left over from Halloween crafts and some paint. Simple directions make this a wonderful craft project even for beginners. • Large Brick Ornaments: These heavy ornaments are perfect for lining your walk, porch or the area in front of your garage. A few bricks and your own painted designs create gorgeous outdoor decorations. • Bright and Easy Garland: You'll probably need to make this more than once each season, but it's a beautiful addition to your outdoor trees that will also make those pretty winter birds extremely happy. String big, bright-red cranberries and fluffy popcorn onto dental floss, and the results will be gorgeous and tasty for the birds.

Fun Christmas Crafts for Children

• Pasta Snowflakes: Every child wants to enjoy a white Christmas, but that dream doesn't always come true naturally. These lovely snowflakes can be hung in every window to give the appearance of constantly falling snow. • Twinkling Star Ornaments: Your children will be delighted to see ornaments that they've made gracing your Christmas tree. Supply them with some different colors of paint and glitter, and these stars are sure to be cherished and used on the tree for years to come.

Christmas Crafts That Make Great Gifts

• Scented Bath Salts: A warm bath is always a treat on a cold winter night, and all of your lady friends will adore these aromatic bath salts. Choose a favorite fragrance for each individual, and you've got an inexpensive, easy-to-make Christmas gift for all of the girls. • Gingerbread House Treat Boxes: These cute gingerbread houses include a huge window to showcase your special treat. Bake up all of your favorite holiday cookies and candies, and you'll have a homemade gift to hand out for the holiday. You can be assured that your neighbors, your postman and your children's teachers will love this cute and tasty gift.

Start Your Christmas Craft Projects Today

These are all wonderful Christmas crafts that are sure to get you off to a good start for planning the perfect holiday season. Be sure to incorporate your own great ideas into each of your craft projects, and you're sure to make Christmas extra special for your friends and family this year.