Sometimes at Christmas parties there are ugly sweater contests you can enter. There might be several winners with first, second and third prizes available or just one prize may be won at a party. The prizes might be cash, gift cards, gift sets, perfumes, appliances or television. The best thing to do to win one of these contests is to make sure your ugly sweater is as original as possible. There are numerous ways to do this. One of the best ways is making your own sweater. You can purchase a plain sweater in whatever color you prefer and then make an original design to put o it. You can purchase various colored materials and then cut shapes out that you would like to use as part of your design. For those who wondering what an ugly sweater run is, that is a charity event that gets organized for obtaining donations for cash or items to be donated to charities over the course of the Christmas holidays. In order to participate individuals needs to register, or get their running shoes out, and put their ugly sweaters on. Everyone has to run or walk the distance that is suggested by the race. A majority of them are 5k run, or it could be less or more than that depending on what is determined by the organizers. Some race organizers hand out free gloves, hats, hot chocolate and coffee to participants so that they all stay warm throughout the run. Sometimes, at some ugly sweater runs prizes are handed out to whoever's ugly sweater stands out the most from all of the rest.
Ugly christmas sweater contest