ugly christmas sweater poem

Ugly Christmas Sweater Poem

The Ugly Christmas Eve Sweater

Knit one, pearl two Boy, have I got a yarn for you Of a young man in love with a terrible fetter A familial curse of the ugly Christmas sweater His Mother would knit them lovingly so With snowflakes and holly and reindeer in tow Fearing his love would disdain what he wore He tucked them away in the back of his drawer Consorting and courting with little success He favored dull blazers and vests for his dress His Mother kept pecking - "Wear the one that I made!" His love remained icy, bored and un-swayed Come Christmas Eve they arranged for a date She readied to send him packing like freight Below mistletoe he arrived at her door Take one wild guess at the outfit he wore? It glittered and baubled with stockings and canes With antlers and Santa aboard at the reins The ugliest sweater you ever did see She stared for a second, then went on a spree Kissing and hugging alight with delight He melted his true love's cold heart that night How he treated his Mom was the thing that upset her What won her love - the ugly Christmas sweater!