Ugly Christmas Sweater | Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women   There aren't any real rules for ugly sweater parties other than the base requirement of having everyone turn up in the ugliest attire they can find. This is a great excuse to dress up in something purely for fun, and the festivities can continue on from there. Typical party preparation should be followed beforehand however. Of course, that means scheduling a time that can easily accommodate all of your guests. The holidays are very busy, so be sure to account for that. Be sure to announce it as early as possible as well in order to give everyone a chance to set the time aside. These days, you can easily create an "Event" for the party on Facebook and use that as a formal platform for inviting everyone. Be sure to remind everyone here and there along the way as well. If you want a great idea for turning the party into something memorable once everyone has arrived, you should consider hosting a contest for the ugliest sweater at the party. You might even want to set a particularly ugly sweater aside as a prize for the winner (alongside something like a gift card to make it just a bit sweeter!) Be sure to incorporate other games and a nice food, snacks, and drinks as well. With all of that under way, you'll likely have all of the makings for a great party that everyone will really enjoy.
Ugly sweater parties