Christmas Facts It's hard to believe that the holidays are once again right around the corner, and it's time to start shopping for the perfect gifts and planning for those special seasonal dinners and parties. If you happen to be the lucky person who is in charge of making the office Christmas party happen, then you've definitely got your work cut out for you if you want to make it a successful event. Most office parties take place at the office, so you don't have to worry about finding the right venue. The food is easy as well because you can have it catered with a nice selection of yummy offerings, but that still leaves you with the important issue of party games and activities. You don't want everyone getting bored at the party, so here are a few ideas that should help make your office party the best one in town this Christmas season.

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

This is a tradition that shouldn't be ignored, and it actually serves more than one purpose. It allows people to show up at the party in comfortable clothing so that they can relax and don't have to spend a bundle on a new outfit, and it's great fun to see how far people will go to be the winner of the ugly sweater contest. Be sure to take lots of pictures, and you should have a fun prize for the winner. Some good ideas for the prize could be a frame to hold their winning photograph or a drinking mug that's just as ugly as the sweater.

2. Gift Exchange Games

Instead of picking names out of a hat for the traditional gift exchange, you might want to try something a little different. Choose the price limit for gifts, and then have everyone bring the unwrapped gift to the party. The gifts can be displayed on a table with a corresponding number, and you can get creative with how people discover which gift that they'll go home with. Consider setting up a pop-the-balloon station with numbered balloons, or you might prefer something along the lines of beer pong that allows the thrower to take home the gift with the corresponding number at the bottom of the cup.

3. Fun With Trivia

The topic of Christmas lends itself to a great trivia game, and you can have fun with it in your own way. You might choose questions that ask for lyrics to Christmas songs that must be sung when answered, or you could provide paper and pencil so that participants may draw their answers to questions about Christmas movies or holiday traditions. Come up with your own question cards, or you can use these great questions and answers for your game.

4. Crazy Christmas Photos

Set up an area by the Christmas tree for some fun seasonal photos. You can designate the office photography buff to take the photos, or pick anyone with a good camera on their phone or a digital camera. A few inexpensive props will allow everyone to personalize their photos, and you may offer such items as reindeer antlers, elf ears and Santa hats. For more ideas, you can print out some great photo props for free.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is played at all sorts of parties, and you can customize it for your Christmas party. You may like to choose such topics as worst Christmas present ever received, best holiday hook-up or craziest happenings during a holiday trip or vacation. Those who want to play can stand up and talk about three different versions of one of these topics, but only two will be the truth. Listeners will try to decide which one is the lie.

6. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Turn your office building into a happy hunting ground with treasures hidden everywhere. Type up a list of hidden items, and you can print out as many as you need so that participants can mark off items as they are found. If you're feeling creative, then give some clever clues in the list to make the game even more fun. First, pick out all of the things that you want to hide, and these may include Christmas ornaments, miniature stockings, candy canes, Christmas cookies, little snowmen, mistletoe, Christmas holly or anything that fits well with the season.
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