Pajamas are one of the most comfortable items to be worn when sleeping, and the pajamas retail sector is a growing industry as more people wanted to buy them to give them a sense of comfort when sleeping. Worn out T-shirts and shorts have been the preference of many people for the last decade, but it is slowly changing as more people are inclined into using a pajama when they wanted to sleep. Pajamas come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on an individual’s taste, there is a lot of places where these cozy and comfortable dress items can be bought. No matter the budget and the style, there is a pajama out there waiting to be purchased. For those who have a mid-range budget, pajamas can be bought at Cosabella, Eberjey, Maison du Soir, Marigot, Only Hearts, Recliner, Sleepy Jones, and Suku Home. For those who are looking for luxurious pajamas, they could try searching at stores like Araks, Asceno, Morgan Lane, Olivia von Halle, and Sleeper. For those who are looking for multi-brand retailers that offer a huge range of selection, they could try purchasing their pajamas at Net-a-Porter, Journelle, and Oui Hours. Amazon, Walmart, and Target are also some of the places to consider for those who are tight on budget but still wanted to get their hands on cheap but comfortable pajamas. Buying pajamas from these shops have their pros and cons, but the factor to be always considered should be the comfort brought by the pajamas worn. Those who are fans of the mid-range pajamas should start browsing the stores of Cosabella, Eberjey, Maison du Soir, Marigot, Only Hearts, Recliner, Sleepy Jones, and Suku Home. Cosabella is one of the most frequented stores for those who are looking for stylish and comfortable pajamas. They offer their items at an affordable price, and what the people wanted from this store would be their robes. Price ranges from $128 to $143, but the pajama quality is considered as superb, and the money paid is worth it. Another store that sells great pajamas would be Eberjey, and one could find playful designs that would match the comfort given by their products. The prices inside the shop are priced below $100, and one would enjoy wearing their products because it is made from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to give someone a great sleep. Price ranges inside the shop would be from $71 to $100, and there is a lot of patterns to choose from. Another shop to consider when buying pajamas would be the Maison du Soir, a brand that sounds fancy and luxurious, but in fact, the pajamas sold inside this shops only come under $100. One of their best-selling products only costs $88 to $99. Marigot, another mid-range brand selling great pajamas and sleeping gowns, offers a lot of comfortable designs starting at $50. People who are visiting this store would always end up having the best deal. There is also a wide range of selection inside their stores, as they also sell nightshirts, boxers, and night robes. Only Hearts is also among the most favorite brands when talking about sleepwear and pajamas. They are known for selling the top quality lingerie, but their sleep wears and pajamas are also as popular. They sell their products starting at $29, and most of it is only under $150. For those who are living in New York, Recliner offers some of the best sleepwear in the state. The brand is fairly young, and it was only founded a year ago. However, because of the products that they released, the brand managed to create a cult following, and people are buying their products which are deemed as a perfect fit. Their products only cost $250 and below. Sleepy Jones is also a favorite brand when it comes to pajamas and sleepwear. They are targeting men and women to become their potential customers, and as a result, the pajamas sold inside their shops vary regarding design and usability. People are saying that this brand offers one of the best pajamas because of the comfort that it brings. Sleepy Jones assures their customers that they would have a good night sleep after wearing their products. Finally, there’s Suku Home, which is made for those who wanted to wear something that displays playful and fun patterns. For those who are looking for luxury, they could try looking for pajamas at Araks, a New York-based company that produces sleepwear using the finest Italian fabrics. Another option would be Asceno, offering sleepwear that is using primarily by people who loves to travel. Their store sells pajamas and camisole sets that comes in classic stripes, vibrant prints, and solid colors. Morgan Lane offers a reinvented look into the classic sleepwear, and by combining the ideas of their designers, the company managed to create a collection that can be purchased for under $350. Olivia Von Halle is an established business, and it is the brand that comes into the mind when one talks about luxury sleepwear. They offer an endless collection of sleeping robes that is made of silk, often accompanied by bold patterns. Lastly would be Sleeper, which offers high-quality sleepwear for under $420. For those who have a smaller budget but are still looking for the best pajamas, they could try searching online through Net-a-Porter, which is a blossoming online retailer. Journelle is also an option, as they sell a lot of pajama brands inside their stores. Last but not the least would be Oui Hours, which sell sleepwear from global brands, with their price range starting at only $50.   Christmas Pajamas Infographic