Christmas Movie-TV Pajamas

Do You Remember These Iconic TV and Movie Characters' Famous Pajamas?

Is there truly anything more comfortable than pajamas? Who doesn't love coming home from work each night and changing into their pajamas? Or perhaps, you're one of those people that enjoy staying in their pajamas all day on Saturday or all day on Sunday? Lazy Sunday, anyone? If you're a fan of comfortable, warm, and fun pajamas then you'll appreciate this nod to all the famous television show and movie characters' pajamas of the last thirty years. From Jimmy Stewart's memorable blue pajamas that the actor wear's in Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, Rear Window, to actress Vivian Leigh's floor-length, red velvet robe that she wears in the unforgettable Gone with the Wind in 1939, to Elizabeth Taylor's ivory colored, satin slip that tightly hugs her voluptuous figure in Butterfield 8, to Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones's Diary jumping around wallowing in “All By Myself” at the beginning of the movie; these are all beautiful people in beautiful pajamas that gave them each their star quality when they were thrust into each of these film's scenes.

On television, it's difficult to overlook the comfy bathrobe of Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch. All of the Brady Kids on The Brady Bunch had their own style (especially Greg), Jan and her sisters were lucky enough to have a wardrobe full of classic couture from the 1970s. A quilted, knee-length robe with a Peter Pan collar kept her warm and in fashion in the era of pet rocks and Keep On Truckin'. Chrissy Snow's nightie was famous for shielding her sultry body parts from American viewers on the hit sitcom Three's Company. Alongside John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt, Chrissy's pink, lacey baby doll nightie worn first by Suzanne Somers and later by Priscilla Barnes, made it certain that the character would not get chilly on those cold Santa Monica, California nights. She was fond of adding a matching baby doll-length robe as well. She was, no doubt, a California girl when it came to her audacious sense of style in the early-1980s.

Famous Movie PJs

Aunt Clara's Bunny Suit For Ralph aka The Bunny Pajamas from A Christmas Story.

Perhaps, the most iconic movie pajamas ever! Fans of Bob Clark's classic early-1980s Christmas movie, A Christmas Story are very familiar with Ralphie's bunny suit that he is forced to wear by his parents that the end of the now-beloved Christmas movie classic. One of the first gifts that Ralph opens up on Christmas morning is a big box from his distant Aunt Clara, who always sends her gifts. When Ralphie opens it up and doesn't find a Red Ryder BB Gun, but instead a hilarious, bright-pink bunny onesie and is forced to “try it on,” he gets visibly distraught. Yet, when Ralphie does put on the bunny pajamas he's not only worthy of laughter, he also puts empathy in the movie's audience, as we all know what it's like to get that one bad Christmas gift that each of us is forced to pretend to like at the moment. The Ralphie A Christmas Story movie Bunny Pajamas feature attached slippers with long rabbit ears sitting atop the hood of this head-to-tie PJs.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Chevy Chase Pajamas aka Clarke Griswold Christmas PJs.

Fans of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation will remember the scene where actor Chevy Chase sneaks up into the attic of his own house to stash some presents and gets stuck up there when his family leaves him. Only wearing pajamas, Clarke has to keep himself warm by putting on women's clothing, a hat, and to round out the outfit, he adds to the outfit by tacking on some old lady earrings. Touched by nostalgia that Christmas has on some folks, Clarke sits down and watches some old family movies of when he was a boy with his parents on vacation. It's the movie's more profound moment; Clarke realizes that these Christmas holidays when the family is overrun with visiting in-laws and cousins, while tedious, exhausting, and annoying, won't be a thing that will always be part of his life in the future, especially when he understands that he and his wife are getting older, just like his parents. If there's one thing that everyone remembers of the scene, it's how hilarious actor Chevy Chase looks in his strange but inviting man-PJs.

Grease: The Movie

Of course, everyone remembers the big scene in Randall Kaiser's late-1970s movie adaptation of Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, where the “Pink Ladies” all get together for a slumber party to talk about the T-Birds, and“Frenchie” ends up engaged in a fantasy that stars Frankie Avalon singing “Beauty School Dropout.” The girls, Frenchie, Sandy, Rizzo, and Jan are all sitting around in their pajamas gossiping and taking a nip and a sip of their favorite alcohol while they all spend the night together dressed in their most comfortable pajamas.

Memorable PJs on Television

Penny on CBS's The Big Bang Theory and her unforgettable pink pajama style:

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you know Penny is famous for her PJs. She is a big fan of the color pink, to say the least. One of her most famous pairs of PJs is a deep pink camisole with spaghetti straps and white lace trim. She pairs this with a pair of pink shorts featuring red and light pink hearts. Seeing Penny wear these sexy pajamas on The Big Bang Theory is what made Leonard fall in love with her. And speaking of The Big Bang Theory, of course, there's also Dr. Sheldon Cooper in plaid.

Sheldon's famous plaid pajamas

Saved by the Bell pajamasSheldon on The Big Bang Theory is a bit more practical when it comes to night fashion than Penny in his choice of PJs. His most famous pair of pajamas consist of black and white plaid cotton pajama pants and a white t-shirt to go along with it all. As a rule, he generally will also throw on a matching black and white plaid robe to complete his sleeping gear.

Saved By The Bell: Samuel Screech Powers loves his pajamas

Fans of NBC's hit Saturday morning sitcom, Saved By The Bell, will also recall how Samuel Screech Powers could often be seen in his pajamas. Never one to shy away from colorful PJs or all-over pajama brings, Screech loves to be comfortable when he was at home, or when the three guys, A.C. Slater, Zac, and he would have a slumber party at one of the boy's houses; usually, only with the guises of spying on the girls to monitor exactly what Kelly, Jesse, and Lisa were up to when they didn't quite know themselves.

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