Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

It’s that time again.  Time to break out the ugly Christmas sweater and all of the other Christmas decorations.  In fact, you may even be starting to plan your Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  If you are and you need ideas for decorations and the like then just keep reading as we plug you in to all you need to know for this special event.

Create the invites Get creative with your invites.  Make sure you outline the theme and explain what it is (remember, for many invitees, this may be their first ugly sweater party).  There is no single way to create an invite but check out our tutorial on making one of these party invites. Dress Code: Ugly Christmas Sweater Required! It’s not an Ugly Xmas Party if people don’t dress accordingly, so make sure everyone sports one of these tacky sweaters!  Here at UCS we have a large selection for men and women of all sizes and tastes.  So whether you prefer something naughty, simple, or one of our light up sweaters, we pretty much have your covered.

Easy Decorations There are some quick and easy ways to decorate your table for your party.  If you go to a pet store you will be able to find some small ugly sweaters for fairly cheap.  Take these sweaters and put them over your candelabras or lone candlesticks.  Make the candles stick out of the neck and arm holes and you have some decorations all ready.  These will make just about any table stand out and definitely leave an unforgettable impression.   Cookies/Activity If you want to have some traditional snacks for people then you can go with gingerbread men.  When you are decorating them you can just decorate them with ugly Christmas sweaters to match the theme of your party.  In fact, for a group activity you could put out the ingredients for decorations and let the guests decorate their own cookies and then have an ugly gingerbread man Christmas sweater contest and give out a prize to the ugliest one. A variation on this would be to make sugar cookies in the shape of sweaters and then decorate them.   Drinks   For drinks, you could have nearly any drink and put the drinks in glasses, mugs or party cups that have ugly sweater cozies around them. Planning for these parties does not have to be a chore.  Be creative and your guests will love it.   Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties No longer the realm of hipsters and people with truly poor taste in apparel, ugly Christmas sweaters have earned their place as part of our holiday tradition. These sweaters take us back to childhod allowing us to feel the joy of Christmas, and not just the stress of holiday shopping and planning. So popular have these sweaters become, that Ugly Christmas sweater parties are a common event every Holiday season. We see more and more retailers offering a variety of ugly tacky Christmas sweaters.
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