Outdoor Christmas Decorations Outdoor holiday decorations will liven up your home and share seasonal joy with your neighborhood. A wide variety of Christmas ornaments and holiday symbols are available to spruce up your home.

Light It Up

The timeless classic of Christmas ornaments is a string of lights. Hung from the eaves, wrapped around the trunk of a tree, or spread on the branches of an evergreen, lights will bring attention to the beauty of your home and the season. There are many options to consider, including whether to use colored or clear lights, large or small bulbs, straight ropes or hanging icicles, steady or twinkling beams, and l.e.d. or incandescent bulbs. The choices you make will reflect your style and personalize your home for the holidays.


Evergreen wreaths are another popular Christmas ornament. Wreaths are made in various sizes and from either natural or imitation materials. When choosing a wreath, or making one if you're ambitious, consider where it will hang in order to determine its size. Wreaths look fantastic on a front door, over large picture windows, or along the side of a building. Add a bright red bow to your wreath and illuminate it with a spotlight or its own string of Christmas ornament lights.

Religious Symbols

To lift up the religious roots of the holiday season, Christians will place a manger scene of molded figurines in their yard. These iconic holiday decorations typically include a small manger, the holy family, and shepherds and wise men. Of course, you can always go the Hanukkah route. For the best effect, find ways to light the scene after dark.

Candle Magic

Candles add a touch of reverence and class to any holiday celebration. Welcome guests to your home by lining your walkway with luminaries. Luminaries are simple to make. Fill the bottom of a white paper lunch sack with sand and stand a small pillar candle, tea light, or battery-powered candle in the bag. Space them anywhere from one to a few feet along your driveway, sidewalk or walkway and light the way for your guests. Add an additional sign of welcome to your home by placing single candles in each window of your house or apartment. These candles are safest when powered by electricity or batteries.

Porch Accents

If you have a front porch, consider a stack of wrapped Christmas presents sitting in the corner, or decorate a sled and stand it in the corner with a pair of snow boots sitting beside it. Highlight your outdoor light and mailbox with some fresh greenery and a colorful ribbon.

Oversized Christmas Ornaments

For a more whimsical decoration scheme consider oversized Christmas ornaments. These are usually made from molded plastic and can be purchased through many retailers. Install a candy cane "garden" for a pop of color, or create a holiday scene with Santa and his elves in their workshop. Reindeer statues will remind parents that Christmas eve is right around the corner. Nothing says winter holidays better than a snowman with a hat, scarf and corncob pipe. Inflatable figures are also gaining popularity and are best used to fill large spaces or as a centerpiece surrounded by a variety of other Christmas ornaments.

Guiding Stars

Large star-shaped Christmas ornaments add a stunning accent to any home. These stars are outlined by lights and come in all sizes. Place your star on the side or facing wall of a building or attach it to a chimney. Some decorators go so far as to raise the star on a pole so that it sits high above the roof line.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Always exercise caution and use the proper equipment when hanging lights and installing Christmas ornaments. Make sure your lights and extension cords are designed to be used outside. Anchor objects to the ground to keep them from blowing away. Know your local housing regulations; some communities place limits on the types of decorations you can use and how long they can be in place. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're being a good neighbor! These suggestions will help make your house into a beautiful holiday home.
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