Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters That kind of sounds like an oxymoron, don’t you think?  In all actuality, the ugly Christmas sweaters that we used to hate to wear have become almost a symbol of the season…kind of like hanging the lights and fighting the crowds to save a few bucks in the middle of the night on Black Friday.  We hate doing those things, but we end up doing them anyway. As far as cute ugly Christmas sweaters go, they really do exist…depending on your taste.  There is one for men that is called the Stripper Pole sweater that features 3 elves, all waving money at the human stripper in Santa themed lingerie dancing around the “North Pole”.  It bears saying again…it depends on your taste...although a good sense of humor might be more accurate. There is another one called the Merry F*ckin’ Christmas Sweater too.  This is a red sweater that has Christmas trees running across the middle of it.  Above the trees in black block lettering are the words “Merry F*ckin’ Christmas”.  Seems like if ugly Christmas sweaters were en vogue back in the day, that one may have been apropos for one Mr. Scrooge.

There are all sorts of ugly Christmas sweaters for men, women, boys and girls and really for children of all ages. Moving along to women’s sweaters, fans of Home Alone ought to recognize the Filthy Animal Cropped sweatshirt.  This one is sort of a mint green color with what seem to be snowflakes along the top and bottom of this “belly” sweatshirt.  Written in white block lettering across the front is “Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal”.  Hmmm...maybe this one would be good for a woman in the Deep South like Florida or Alabama…you know, the places where shorts and t-shirts are weather appropriate on Christmas.  Going around in the snow with a cropped sweatshirt on wouldn’t exactly prove the existence of an abundance of brain cells. Oh, and what Christmas would be complete without an Elf Christmas sweater?  The Elf Christmas sweater has red and white striped sleeves, a rad strip around the bottom of the sweater and the ubiquitous elf vest/shirt? On top of that.  It is complete with the red collar featuring points that are tipped with jingle bells.  I kid you not. While we are talking about North Pole themed sweaters, we can’t leave out the Claus.  The Big Santa Claus sweater is green with cutesy little designs on the front as a background for a ginormous Santa Claus head.  The back of the sweatshirt is plain. It is almost interesting to wonder what kind of minds come up with these creations.  Are they creative or demented?  Look at some of the ones you can find on our site this season and you be the judge.
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