Ugly Christmas Sweater | Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men and Women The best place to buy an ugly sweaters is here at Ugly Christmas Sweater.  But maybe you're looking into buying in store? Sweaters of this ilk can be found all over the place. Most retail chains, clothing outlets, and thrift shops will have them proudly on display. Online shopping is also your best friend when it comes to finding unique prints. Standard fashion rules don't apply here. The more ridiculous, the better, so keep looking until you find something truly outlandish. In a pinch however, standard stores like those in your local mall or even Wal-Mart will definitely have something worth grabbing. Not all of them might be as intentionally garish as some of the more artisan prints available online, but they tap into the spirit. You'll likely also save a bit of money this way, especially if you stick to thrift stores. On that note, don't forget to peruse the selections of stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army as well.