All about Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers are all the rage these days.  People enjoy looking silly over the holidays, especially when it comes ugly sweater parties, where these jumpers are all the rage!  Best of all, they come in all types and colors, though it’s best to stick to the Christmas theme.  The Vintage Retro 70′s Novelty Winter Fair Isle is especially popular.

It’s best to stick to Christmas colors.  For example, green and red make obvious choices for this purpose.  On the other hand, white, blue and even black can all be made to fit the Christmas theme.  It really depends on what design you’re going with, and what the  jumper’s focus happens to be (reindeer vs Santa vs snowman vs snowflake vs light up, etc).

Choosing a theme is also important.  Are you a fan of reindeer, or are you more of the ‘Big Santa Claus Head’ persuasion?  Perhaps you prefer something totally snowflaky or otherwise tacky?  Depending on the occasion, you can always go the risqué route and take the irreverent/naughty design path.  But generally speaking, people prefer the retro xmas novelty winter look, or sometimes they’ll go with the more funky jumpers.

This is a no-brainer.  Your jumper shouldn’t fit you like a neoprene rash guard, nor should it drape over you like a maternity dress.  Here are UCS we have every size (medium, large, XML ,etc) for both men and women, so rest assured we’ve got you covered on your novelty Christmas Jumper needs. Also, decide if you want a double knitted xmas jumper.

Some popular Christmas Jumper Sweater options: