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When is Christmas 2014?

Christmas 2014 falls on the very same day that it does every year…December 25.  In the US as well as many other countries, the Christmas holiday is steeped in traditions that include Santa Claus, carolers, and decorations and for Christians celebrating the birth of their Christ. Here it is and we are faced with yet another holiday season right around the corner.  Everyone always goes a little holiday mad trying to decorate the house, tree, yard and anything else, making sure all of the gifts are bought, wrapped and shipped if need be, planning the holiday trips or meals and all of the other hustle and bustle that accompanies the day.
A very large aspect of the holidays is decorating your home and that is what is up for discussion today.

Christmas Decorations

Some families have traditions that dictate even which day they start decorating.  Some families decorate as a family while others prefer to let just one person handle it.  Some families decorate inside and outside while others may not decorate at all.  Whatever you do in your family is what is right for you.  There is no right or wrong way to decorate. When a house is decorated nicely, it gives your guests a warm welcome as they come to share the holidays with you.  It also keeps people from asking prying questions about why you don’t decorate.  If you are a creative person then there is no limit to the decorations that you can come up with.

Christmas Decorations

As a basic decoration, most people hang a wreath of some sort on the door.  Some people actually cover their doors with shiny foil and bows to imitate gifts.  Another basic is the Christmas tree.  Some people have the space to go large with this decoration while others may only have room for a small, table top tree.  Some people use live trees while others use fake ones.  Either way, there is nothing that says Christmas like a beautifully decorated tree…regardless of the size.

Christmas Decorations

From trees, there are knick-knacks to put out, candy bowls, door hangers and the list goes on for inside decorations.  The big attraction for outside decorations is generally lights. Decorating for the holidays can be a great family experience and what better way to experience it that with an ugly Christmas sweater?  You and your family can all don your ugly Christmas sweaters and get the holiday decorating done in a few hours.  You can even choose to make a tradition out of making your own ugly Christmas sweaters too.  When you and your family al wear your ugly Christmas sweaters, you can have someone take a picture and then use it as a great family Christmas card.  Just be sure to send them in time to reach the intended recipients before December 25.

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