Women's Merry F*ckin Ugly Christmas Sweater

Size: S
Sale price$49.99


Sometimes it's best to not complicate things. Put your message out in front of the people and hopefully they'll respond accordingly. So, with that in mind you might agree when you wear this insane Women's Merry F*ckin Christmas Sweater.
  • 85% Acrylic / 15% Wool
  • Unisex Fit. See size chart for additional sizing information.

Very simply put, our Women's Merry F*ckin Christmas sweater puts a simply message out to the world that has a bit of humor with it but also suggests that maybe, perhaps, the holiday and all the cheer of your friends, family and co-workers is lost on you. But that's okay, because Christmas isn't for everyone. Which is why we came up with this sweater in the first place.

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