Ugly Christmas Sweater - Santa Claus Smoking Marijuana Adult Black Sweatshirt

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How do you think the world would respond if it was discovered that Santa smoked weed? Would there be outrage? What some attempt to cancel Christmas? Would anyone be okay with it? After all, could you really blame him? He has one hell of a difficult job. The world depends on him to deliver all of its boys and girls presents on time every year. He has to live in a cold climate all year around; he has to care for all his reindeer; care for his elves. It must be, at times, a very exhausting and difficult job to handle. So, if Santa smokes would it really be that big of a deal? Wouldn't you blaze if you were stressed out as well? Show your support for Santa's need for temporary relief when you wear this hilarious Ugly Christmas Sweater ? Santa Claus Smoking Marijuana Adult Black Sweatshirt.

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