Yes is the answer to that question. Definitely, they are! There are some people who wait all year long for Christmas to finally come around so that they can wear their ugly Christmas sweaters. Throughout the Christmas season people have contests, parties or just like wearing their ugly sweaters. At one time people didn't actually wear ugly Christmas sweaters. However, now there are thousands of people, if not millions, who wear ugly Christmas sweaters at some point during the holidays. There was a time also when it was difficult to shop for and actually find ugly sweaters. Now even local retail stores have them on display, making it easy to find them. Christmas sweaters have been turned into a lucrative multi million dollar business by retailers. Millions of dollars are made by people buying ugly Christmas sweaters. These sweaters have gotten so popular that there are some that are quite expensive. In December 2016 there was even an ugly Christmas sweater that went for $30,000. Then during the same month a famous rapper ended up selling an ugly Christmas sweater for $90,000, making it the most expensive ugly Christmas sweater in the world to ever sell.
Ugly sweater parties